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You asked for it, now it’s here!

We are pleased to offer our R.I.C.H. Approach training online!

This is a 1-day, 5-hour training session

The training includes a 52-pg manual!

This training defines trauma and trauma-informed services and its practices.

The R.I.C.H. Approach training shares the key principles, core assumptions and core elements of trauma-informed organizations and service providers to strengthen relationships. This training explains the six primary components of trauma informed practices. By the end of this training participants will be better equipped to help guide people towards healing and a healthy lifestyle. R.I.C.H. stands for: 


Learning the tone, body language and the responsibilities of respecting people.


Develop a trauma informed practice to serve clients as individuals understanding the need to gather accurate information from them.


Practice effective ways to connect with people.


Develop effective ways to continue believing there’s hope, no matter what it looks like.

Note: A certificate of completion is awarded to each person that completes the training.

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